Well, in the end I decided to give Dreamweaver a whirl as my IDE, the thought of using text editors and having to manipulate everything manually was just to much. I think that if I watch the adobe tutorials and then just go for it I will probably learn the basics of getting a site which uses a database quite quickly…ok, I’ll only learn what I need, but at least I’ll have a basis to build on and have achieved something. Anyway, learning has to be easier having the code side by side with a design view.

So far I’ve learned the purpose of a style sheet; I’m still not sure what XHTML is; I’ve used

tags and now I’m trying to work out how to install/ configure a mySql database (thankfully SQL is a skill that I already have).

I’m really looking forward to the point where I have written some values from my form to my database.

I hope to get some time on Tuesday night to get the db set up, hopefully i’ learn a few useful tips that I can record here for posterity!


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