Can I use javascript?

I’m stuck at Stage 5.

I have a mySQL table which contains a list of items. I get this list of items and I display each item in its own row in the first column of a two column table on my webpage. In the second column of each row I have a checkbox. I want the user to select the items which apply to them and then submit the page using the submit button. I cannot work out how to do this without using a javascript event handler ie. an event handler which kicks off some code when the submit button is clicked.

From my limited reading so far, I understand that javascript is often disabled in browsers and also that its use is not very secure, but since I can’t for the life of me work out how I can use a server side script to determine whether something has happened on the client side. I even tried writing  while statement to wait until the submit button was set, but ofcourse that executed on the server, so it just went into an infinite loop.

Is there anyway to do this without using javascript?

Anyway, it’s Easter Sunday, and I think a need a break, Im sure the answer is very simple…I’m off to deliver Easter Eggs. Happy Easter!!


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