Stages or milestones in my journey

In my last post I stated that stage 4 was complete.  So I thought I’d share with you what I consider my stages to be:

Stage 1  – Configure my environment so that I have local server and choose an IDE – done

Stage 2 – Design my database schema and implement it using mySQL – done

Stage 3 – Populate the reference data table(s) – done

Stage 4 – Create a web page which queries my database and returns data displayed as page content – done

Stage 5 – Make updates to the dynamically generated data and write it back to the database

Stage 6 – Iterate through stages 5 and 6 until I have all the data that I need being captured and written back

Stage 7 – Work out how to trigger sending an e-mail based on a database update

Stage 8 – Work out to create an e-mail using content from my database

Stage 9 – Add validation (not sure how yet) to the data being captured

Stage 10 – Read about security..check my code…I have a book on common hacks etc so that will be a start, then extensive web reading and code fixing

Stage 11 – Try to understand how to format my web pages using css

Stage 12 – Make some funky images, icons, logos

Stage 13 – Test the whole thing on my local webserver

Stage 14 – Put the whole thing on an externally hosted environment

Stage 15 – Test it again now that it’s been ported to a new environment <I’m a tester by trade, so finding bugs will be easy, but the fixing will be a nightmare>

Stage 16 – Inform everyone I know and ask them to beta test it

Stage 17 – Learn about SEO and apply my learning to my site

Stage 18 – Put the site live

Stage 19 – Do some marketing

Stage 20 – Monitor the site


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