The easy part – mySQL

If there is one part of this that I’ve found easy it’s the creation of my database. I can’t believe that mySQL & the tool mySQL Workbench is free. For anyone who is used to creating databases with something like MS SQL Server it is cinch to move across too. Although I personally find it easier to hand code my DDL for a database, the design tool does look useful for anyone new to SQL. I found that it was useful to be able to reverse engineer my database using the design tool so that I could just do a quick visual check to make sure that I had implemented the correct foreign keys.

There are certainly syntax differences between MS SQL Server and mySQL, but nothing that a quick lookup of the mySQL manual doesn’t fix in a few seconds. I’ve yet to write a stored procedure in mySQL and it might get more difficult when I’m trying to use T-SQL everywhere, but I’m sure there’s a T-SQL to mySQL crib sheet out there on the internet somewhere.

By the way, it took my a while to work out that command + return executes only the highlighted statement….I was cursing the inability to execute selected statements for a few hours then I realised that there were two execute buttons. Just thought I’d mention it case anyone else who had moved from SQL Server Management Studio was as dumb as me.


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