Sublime Text 2 with Cucumber and Gherkin formatting

I normally use RubyMine for my calabash automation code but it’s pretty memory intensive so I thought I’d try something a bit more lightweight (and free)..I choose Sublime Text 2 and installed the cucumber-sublime bundle from drewada on Github.

It works a treat – the only annoying this is that when you hit tab it always tries to autocomplete – this is particularly annoying when creating tables in your feature files.

The cucumber sublime bundle does everything that you’d expect to do i.e. it makes both feature files and step files easy to read; it prompts existing steps and autocompletes variables etc.

Note: it’s also a nifty ruby editor, bash editor and YAML editor. I find myself only opening up RubyMine now when I need to debug something or do something like find other usages of methods etc.

Here’s a little screen shot of how it formats a Gherkin in a Feature file:



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