See cucumber scenarios by tag – solution

I was complaining the other day that I couldn’t find a little utility which would allow me to see my cucumber scenarios by tag so I wrote one.

I’m just about to put it up on GitHub and I’ll package it as a gem as well then add the link to it from this site.

Basically, it’s as simple as providing the directory for your feature files; a filename for the output and the tagname that you want to search for:

dir = '/Users/user/GitHub/my-calabash/features/'
filename = 'tag_info_out.html'
tagname = '@manual'
generate_report(dir, filename, tagname)

and then it presents the results in an html file:


Ok- so the formatting leaves a lot to be desired and I will work on improving that, but it’s so handy to be able to just input a tagname and then get a report of all the scenarios that would be called using that tagname.

The next incarnation will produce a report for multiple / concatenated tagnames.


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